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My friend Brian recently spoke in church about positive things you can do on the Internet. The talk was aimed at “regular” church members that happen to use the Internet — including parents and children — not Internet experts. There’s something for everyone. Here are his notes:

  1. mormon familyShare your talents online with photos, music and videos
    • Upload your photos of temples and church history sites
    • Records mutual skits and post them to video sharing sites
    • Be sure to use their “tagging” service and use words like “mormon, mormon history, temples, families, etc”
  2. Keep Your Standards Online
    • If you use sites like Myspace or Facebook, keep your standards high
    • Talk about church activities you’ve enjoyed
    • Put photos of Temples in your photo streams
  3. Link to true principles
    • If you have a popular site that you run, be sure to hyperlink words like faith and mormon to the true teachings
    • If you have a high pagerank, be sure to link to the church’s sites
  4. Start a family/ward blog or website
    • Don’t be administrative in your posts, but talk about your beliefs and give information for readers
    • Be a ward blogger and write about sacrament meeting each week
    • Have a weekly FHE activity to add your testimony about different principles of the Gospel. Point to those principles in the scriptures
  5. Maintain a site about a Church doctrine or interest
    • If you have a special spot in your heart for your local temple, start a website that gives information and history of the building
    • Use resources like the More Good Foundation ( They will give you the tools and help you need.
    • Find similar sites and link to them

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