Are we reluctant to speak?

Posted by on Jun 22, 2007 in Ideas, Member missionary work, Mormon, Online missionary work | 0 comments recently linked to a fantastic interview with Richard Bushman. Mr. Bushman fielded questions from some of the nation’s top media outlets, discussing Mormon church history, the implications of Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy on the Church, and the public’s perception of Mormons. I thought it was an awesome read. has highlights.

Mormon SiteNear the end of the interview, Sally Quinn of the Washington Post said it has been difficult to find Mormon bloggers for the On Faith blog. So far, all the weight has fallen on Michael Otterson‘s shoulders. Quinn commented to Bushman, “[M]aybe you have an answer to why people have been so reluctant to speak out and to talk about it.” Bushman replied:

I don’t know; Mormons are very talky about their faith. I think it may be a kind of defensiveness; they don’t know whether they can trust you, whether it is a trap. I think I could easily find well-spoken Mormons who would be very pleased to take part in an operation of that sort.

If, as Mr. Bushman says, Mormons are “very talky about their faith,” is there a hesitancy to participate online? How can we make participation on the Internet more appealing and “safer” for a greater number of Church members?

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