Homosexuals Can Change: Former APA President Speaks

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The former president of the American Psychological Association says political correctness and homosexual ideology rule the organization, and that leaving the homosexual “lifestyle” is indeed a possibility, a position contrary to that of the APA. Dr. Nicholas Cummings, the man who led the movement to have homosexuality removed from the category of “mental illness,”told an interviewer with NARTH, an organization of psychology professionnals dedicated to helping homosexuals stop their self-defeating behavior, leave the  GLTB “lifestyle,” and lead productive lives as normal adults, that homosexuals can change, challenging the current stance of the APA that homosexuals cannot change.  That stance, he posits, is false.

Quoting the piece in The New American:

Cummings Latest Remarks

Psychologist Joseph Nicolosi interviewed Cummings, APA president 1979-1980, who said it is “absurd” to say homosexuals cannot change. He flatly stated that leaving the homosexual lifestyle is quite possible.

‘I’ve experienced more than one,’ he said. In the past, he has said 20 percent of the homosexuals who came to him to change did so.

Cummings said he had to ‘latch on’ to a patient’s determination, such as that energized by their religion. But he said the “gay rights” movement and others claim these patients should leave their religion and accept their “lifestyle.” Those who push for patients to dump their desire to stop the erotopathic, he said, do not respect the patients’ psychological needs.

Cummings said some homosexuals leave their lifestyle and return, much like ‘falling off the wagon’ in a manner similar to an alcoholic or drug addict. But ‘there are successes.’

Cummings said: “[T]he APA has become a monolith. …The APA  has become politically correct. Political correctness rules not science.’

In a second interview, Cummings described his resolution to remove homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses. ‘I made the resolution that being gay was not a mental illness, that it was characterological,’ he said.

And it passed the Council of Representatives. And that was the first issue that came up. I also said with that, that the APA, if it passes this resolution, will also vote to continue research that demonstrates whatever the research demonstrates. Unbiased, open research. It was never done.

 Additionally, Cummings noted that the APA seemed to table or disregard compelling research regarding delinquency which bears on abortion, and politically-correct (incorrect) “women’s rights/child’s rights” issues.  He asks, rhetorically:

Is it because it is politically incorrect to question challenges to traditional marriage? A woman has a right to be a single mom, but do we not have an obligation to help her make an informed decision about pregnancy?

Teenage girls who are sexually active are three times more likely to be depressed and three times more likely to attempt suicide than girls who are not sexually active. Where is the psychological research on why? Is it because it is politically correct to counsel teenage girls to use latex but incorrect to encourage them to refrain from early sex?

Interesting that this article mentions the fact that a mere 10% of on-university-campus-psyhology professors are believers in God. I would that we can share with them the implications in worldview between Biblical/extra-Biblical scriptural vs. the secular psychological take on human nature, man’s purpose, man’s quest, and best outcomes for happiness in life.  They are in most areas, diametrically opposed, and have served us only in undergirding a self-worshipping society and rearing a generation devoid of meaning, purpose, morality, and belief in a Moral Lawgiver and Healer.

Bottom line: The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. Not easy, not pat, but true. For those struggling with same-gender attraction or other self-defeating lifestyles, we hope Latter-day Saints are reaching out  with compassion and yet not indulging in counter-productive ways of thinking that may emotionally lock some in to thinking there is no hope for change or that gender is just a preference anyway.

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