Inquiring Friend of Another Faith Encourages Mormons to Speak Out Online

Posted by on Oct 9, 2008 in How We Are Helping | 0 comments

In response to a post on the More Good Foundation website, “‘Criticisms Create Interest’” in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” a site visitor, Rick, recorded the following:

Moregoodfoundation MormonAs an individual investigating the church over the past few months, I can only encourage Mormons to speak confidently and openly about their faith. Of course, one shouldn’t be too pushy or self-righteous when doing this because that can make others uncomfortable. I, personally, am grateful for the many postings on the various websites and weblogs because they are so personal. It speaks much for your church that it and its members are willing to make available to the general public so much information. When I view the websites of other religions, many are very confusing in their content or organization. Some have little information available online. I admire so much the personal testimonies of the Mormons. In fact, they are what have moved me to accept the missionaries invitation to be baptized in the church (Rick).

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