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If you have questions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often inadvertently called the Mormon Church), whether you know a lot or a little (or next to nothing) about Mormonism already, might be a great way to start.  Not an official website of The Church of Jesus Christ, MormonBasics was set up by Kelly Merrill.  Kelly’s goal is to explain all aspects of Mormonism plainly, along with definitions of Mormon jargon that are often tough to understand for friends of other faiths.  Although Kelly hands out simple explanations of doctrines and practices, he provides references to scriptures, talks from Mormon authorities, and other resources for a deeper search into all things Mormon. screenshotKelly started as a way to help in the global discussion about the LDS Church. He has found over the years that many life-long members of the Church need clarification and education, not just the new and returning members. Everything at is meant to be kept simple and straight-forward.  Much of what is written there is in story form or prose to simplify the concepts.  There are even helps for Mormons teaching lessons in their Sunday classes in the form of simplified lessons and ideas.

Reader contributions are welcome at MormonBasics.  See the submission guidelines on the website.

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