MGF Sites and Connections Lead to LDS Baptism

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A gentleman visiting our video conversion stories, listened to one of them four times, and then requested a Book of Mormon.  After reading and studying the Book of Mormon twice with online resources, and visiting other positive MGF and LDS sites, he began missionary lessons and joined He recently set a baptismal date.

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Hi Karen,

Great to hear from you! Yes, it is true, I have a date set for the 29th of March to be baptized. I am so excited! I am going to be baptized in Huntington due to the  fact that the ward that I belong to, is still under renovation.  From what I understand it will be another 6 weeks or so before the [other] chapel is ready.

Do you want to know another neat thing? One of the other guys on was scheduled for baptism on the 28th , but he was bumped to the 29th as well! That is so neat! he and I began conversing about the same time we both had gotten on the website, and now look at us. . . .

I was unable to attend Church this past week, I had to work on second shift for another guy. But the strangest thing, I really miss going to this Church. There is so much to see and learn, it truly is a unique Church.

It is funny Karen, it seems just  a little while ago, I was investigating the Church, worried . . . about what others might say, worried about the sin which was going on in my life, all of it. But a series of strange and beautiful events seemed to come into play, like all these roadblocks to the faith were layed aside, they became marginalized. My wife’s heart softened a bit, (well more like she is tolerable about it),  and I quit worrying about how others feel. The major sins in my life began to be addressed. It all just happened. I can only attribute this to Heavenly Father, I mean how else could it have happened? I have also had guidance from many people like you as well, thank you so much!

My wife really is a wonderful person, but I think she has been listening to someone at work, I do not know who, but one day while having small conversation, she stated her belief and used the word ‘Cult’. But I am prayerful that God will one day change her heart. I figure if I just live the principles in my daily life , she will see the change in me, and maybe… just maybe, one day she will see the Church in a different light.

To tell you the truth, I do not think she will ever know exactly how much the Church has already benefited her and kids. I try and remain focused on the principles instead of all the other vices in life that leads to the destruction of the family.

God bless you Karen, you know you were the first contact I had ever had in the LDS Church, as far as I am concerned all of these good things would not have happened without you. Your testimony, as well as the other testimonies from the MGF , as well as other sites really made things happen. you are an inspiration.

God Bless You,

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