Call for LDS Content Writers

More Good is seeking positive ,accurate multi-media content regarding who we are as members of the Church. We are responding to a call to “engage in the conversation” responsibly and effectively.

We seek authentic text and multi-media content–photos, audio, video clips–that reflect who we are and what we believe in a natural way.  Content must be addressed to the honest seeker, as if they are looking at our lives through the Net or observing us as we live it, and language should be commensurate with that audience (define terms that are Mormon-centric and common to us but that may not be to friends of other faiths).  Sources must be included, if your reflections draw upon those.

We are currently in need of articles that are about 400-800 words, with photos where possible, that are reflections on gospel theme– including but not limited to the scriptures, (the Book of Mormon in particular), temples (and particularly but not necessarily the newer announced temples or those just completed), family life, problem solving through the gospel, the atonement at work, appreciating what it means to be a woman in the Church, the Savior’s influence, etc. We engage many websites. There is room for every worthy writer who would like to participate in this kind of work online.

We do not accept duplicate content–content published anywhere online.  All content must be original.

Call for Reflections
These are first-person pieces that offer a glimpse into the author’s life, as well as something tangible about the gospel and its playing out in daily living.  If you have a particular hobby, or area of study, for example, you can post about that respective interest and discuss how your perspective of it is impacted by who you are and what you believe.  These pieces are ‘not’ to be preachy in any way, but reflective; not didactic, just revelatory in their authenticity and ability to capture the tapestry of our faith-filled lives that are often taken for granted, and that, if posted, can influence honest seekers and answer the questions of the soul, or lead to inquiry for those answers.

Once we become familiar with your writing, we may invite pieces on specific subjects, timely issues, or invite you to become a regular guest  writer on one of our websites.

Please respond to this post or email us.

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More Good Launches New Site!

More Good Foundation–global venue for member involvement in online missionary work–announces it’s highly-anticipated fresh, new home website: Take some time out today and visit!

Moregoodfoundation MormonThe five-plus-year-old non-profit–founded by Dave Neeleman, Ken Woolley and Jim Engebretson, is an enabler of site and content creation that will allow for Mormons to define for themselves who they are, to reclaim the media conversation, actively dispelling misperceptions about us, and utilizing the “Net”–the New Media and Internet–to be fishers of men in our day– and to do so judiciously, safely, and in organized fashion.

The beautiful metaphor of the net, as the Savior shared it in Luke, included a call to be ‘fishers of men.’ In a meaningful moment of reflection, it occurred to MGF staff that this Internet of our day is much like the fishing net of old–it is, in one sense, a new metaphor for the gospel “net.”  It is a tool of the gathering, the way through which the honest in heart can find the truth through anonymous and self-initiated searching and studying.

In visiting the homepage, you’ll find a listing of many of our lay sites, garnered around areas of interest for honest seekers wanting to know about us for various reasons—from simple curiosity to intense longing to know their purpose on earth. For a purview of the many sites created by lay members under the MGF global umbrella, visit the icon that lists many of those sites and allows you, through one-click, to browse respectively Mormon-themed topical sites–from Mormon temples to Mormon beliefs.  Select your own or mission language or the language of a seeker you know, and pull up and sit down and see what’s available for those Googling us, and for your own edification.

Then, to become involved yourself, just click on the icon, Ways to Share.

President Jonathan Johnson has spoken of President Kimball’s prophetic statement in a Regional Representative’s seminar, with great feeling and pointing to its significance for our day:

I believe that the Lord is anxious to put into our hands inventions of which we laymen have hardly had a glimpse…. When we have used the satellite and related discoveries to their greatest potential,…then, and not until then, shall we approach the insistence o our Lord and Master to go unto all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (Kimball 1994).

Now is the time, and More Good Foundation has made it simple to engage, and if you are already engaged, to maximize your influence.  For two of the many ways to contribute, check out and In addition, visit the Share tab mentioned above and see what works for you.

More Good Foundation believes that “ordinary is extraordinary”–that there is power, as Seth Godin illustrated well, in having others hear our story from “us”… You ‘are’ the content the world needs to see–and MGF’s goal is to make that positive content about all of who you are, available and accessible online, in a safe manner.

Below is just one of the many fruits of sharing the gospel online–this one resulting from a contact in Italy from an MGF blog by Giuseppe.

italian mormon baptism

Penso che ieri sia stato il giorno più emozionante della mia vita. Il battesimo è stato…meraviglioso. Sono rimasti molto sorpresi dalla presenza del Presidente di Missione. E’ stato un giorno veramente speciale. L’emozione era quasi palpabile…la potevo leggere nei volti di tutti i membri, in quello del presidente di ramo. Tutti erano così Felici, ed io…sono immensamente grata di questo. Ho trovato una famiglia meravigliosa e delle persone stupende. Non sò se riuscirò mai ad essere grata abbastanza, per questa grande benedizione che ho ricevuto.

I think yesterday was the most emotional day of my life. The baptism was…marvelous. It ‘was a very special day. The excitement was almost palpable … I could read it in the faces of all members. Everyone was so happy, … and I am immensely grateful for that. I found a wonderful family and beautiful people. I do not know if I’ll ever be able to express gratitude enough for this great blessing that I received.

To read more stories, click on the Stories icon.

The site also includes updates from the MGF Facebook Page. We welcome all of you to sign up now and join our page, and to tweet about all we are doing.

You can also share all the pages and sites you like by clicking on our Share buttons. Add links to our pages on Facebook, and spread the word.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.You may reach us through any website or through email at, or by calling us at 801.705.5104.

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The #1 website about Jesus Christ

The #1 website about Jesus Christ

Mormon Jesus ChristThe More Good Foundation is pleased to announce a partnership with Dr. Richard Holzapfel to create the #1 website about Jesus Christ at (In the meantime, we are redirecting traffic to

Dr. Holzapfel is a BYU professor of Church History and Doctrine and a prolific author. We are very excited and honored to work with him. will include top articles, music, and videos on the life, death, resurrection, and mission of the Savior Jesus Christ. It will be well documented, well designed, and translated into over a dozen languages. We hope it will bring everyone who visits it closer to Christ.

Question for Commenters: What resources or features should the top website on Jesus Christ include?

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More Good Foundation accepts donations

Here at the More Good Foundation, we are encouraging online member missionary work. We consider it to be very important, since many “are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it.” (D&C 123:12) The Internet is one more place for them to “find it.”

Moregoodfoundation MormonWe are encouraged by all the faithful Church members who are sharing what they believe with the world. We hope we can add to what they are doing.

Since we started the More Good Foundation two years ago, many people have been generous with their time, knowledge, and contacts. A few have asked if they could contribute money, but we didn’t offer that option. We are now making that an option. Like every non-profit entity we are constrained by limited finances, so we’re grateful for all the help we receive.

If you’re able to help support the More Good Foundation financially, please consider making a donation.

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Gramps is now podcasting

Gramps is now podcasting

If you’re new here, read more about the More Good Foundation. We help members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon church) share their beliefs on the Internet. Learn more about what Mormons believe or talk with Mormons at

Mormon siteClay Gorton is “Gramps”, a former mission president and temple worker who answers questions on a variety of topics at Thanks to Mikel and Clay’s hard work, Ask Gramps content is now available by podcast. Point your pod catcher at the standard feed or subscribe in iTunes. If you don’t have an iPod or other MP3 player, you can listen from your computer. See the list of articles with audio.

Clay is a great example of sharing the Gospel on the Internet. While he doesn’t speak officially for the Church, his deep knowledge and experience provide helpful insight to hundreds of people. Interestingly, he publishes only a portion of the questions he answers, often responding privately on especially sensitive concerns and often suggesting that people speak with their local ecclesiastical leaders.

Clay turns 84 today. Anyone who would excuse himself from getting involved in the Internet, blogging, podcasting, etc. certainly can’t use age as an excuse. Great work, Clay.

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LDS News Watch

LDS News Watch

Mormon Ldsnewswatch.comIn partnership with Chris Knudsen whose idea this is, one of our latest projects is LDS News Watch. The site will publish links to interesting news articles about the Mormon church from around the world.

LDS News Watch will also call out newspaper editors and writers who report inaccurately about the Church. This will give interested Church members the opportunity to submit polite clarifications to those newspapers. We hope this will encourage accurate reporting about the Church while showing the civility and graciousness of Mormons even when misunderstood.

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