Public affairs representative as local blogger/columnist

Public affairs representative as local blogger/columnist

Continuing the theme of integrating gospel sharing habits into our routines, I like what Dana King has done in St. Louis.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch MormonDana King serves as a Church public affairs representative in her hometown of St. Louis, MO. When her local newspaper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, launched a multi-faith religion blog, Dana decided to get involved. She writes about her Mormon faith while her local colleagues write about their Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, and Protestant faiths.

I see several positive aspects:

  • This encourages greater interfaith understanding, with people you might actually see or know in your community.
  • Because the blog is operated by the local newspaper, it already has an audience and is marketed and advertised.
  • As local search improves, what Dana writes is increasingly likely to be found by an investigator in her area.

I haven’t heard of anyone being called to be a blogger, but this is pretty close. Not that Dana was asked to be a blogger, she simply decided to get involved in this good cause “of [her] own free will”.

Importantly, Dana doesn’t presume to speak for the Church; she simply speaks as an adherent to the faith.

What if a public affairs representative in every community encouraged the local newspaper to start a multi-faith religion blog and began writing about the restored gospel?

P.S. Dana King also blogs for Whitney Johnson’s Know Your Neighbor, which has resources for public affairs representatives.

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