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This is a series of posts about 12 Ways to Share the Gospel online.

Number 4: Edit or

I am going to broaden this category a bit as well. Instead of just editing one of these wikis feel free to write a new article as well. I have to admit that writing or editing for a wiki is kind of intimidating for me. But as I spent some time looking around the wiki and reading the many helpful guides, it became less overwhelming. SiteSo my first suggestion is to do just that. From the Mormonwiki homepage you can see a categorized list of all the articles. Browse the articles by categories that interest you. When you find an article that you’d like to add to or edit in some way you’ll need to create an account. If you already have a More Good Foundation log in name and password that will work just fine for Mormonwiki. If you don’t have a log in name and password create one by clicking on ‘log in/create account’ at the top right of the screen. Once you have logged in you are free to add to existing, edit, or create content.

Mormonwiki also has extremely useful information and guidelines that I strongly suggest that you read first. They were very helpful for me! Here are the links for a few of them:

Remember to keep a respectful and informative tone on the wikis, they’re not blogs (where we get to use all sorts of informal tone and humor) so it’s important to keep them as professional as possible. Happy writing!

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Volunteer with the MGF

This is a series of posts about 12 Ways to Share the Gospel online.

Number 12: Volunteer with the More Good Foundation

Moregoodfoundation MormonAs I am an employee of the More Good Foundation I haven’t exactly ‘volunteered’ with the Foundation. But because I am an employee I know how much we rely on and desperately need volunteers. This work can not possibly reach its full potential without the help of member missionaries who are willing to let their voice be heard and their light shine online.

To Volunteer:
contact us
call at our main line: 801-705-9385
go to

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Share your beliefs in a Facebook

This is a series of posts about 12 Ways to Share the Gospel online.

Number 10: Share your beliefs in a Facebook Note

mormon familyAgain this option is very easy to do, the only ‘catch’ is that you have to have a Facebook account. Facebook is a great tool for social networking and keeping in contact with friends and family. All you have to have to create an account is an email address. Here are the steps:

1) Go to and click ‘Register’

2) Fill out the registration page to get signed up

3) Once you have signed up there will be an application on the left sidebar that is called ‘Notes’. Yup…click there!

4) Here’s where you can either write a note directly on Facebook or if you share your beliefs regularly on your blog, you can even have your blog imported. After clicking the subheading ‘My Notes’ you will find a setting on the right sidebar that will enable you to import your blog. The blog posts your write will then appear on Facebook as Notes!

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Post your testimony

Post your testimony

This is a series of posts about 12 Ways to Share the Gospel online.

Number 8: Post your testimony on

Mormon TestimonyThis one is basically the same as number 2. But since there are no language requirements there should be no exceptions to this one…everyone can write their testimony and post it online at! You can even write more than one. For example, you could write your personal conversion story, or a spiritual experience you had during the week, or special testimony building experience from your mission. Write about anything you feel would help the reader feel the spirit and come unto Christ. Here are the basic steps:

1) Go to and use your name and/or give it a story name to ‘Create article’

2) Write your testimony in the page provided

3) Now here’s the one tricky part. Because is a wiki, each page needs to be classified. There are a few different categories that can be used (and there are instructions on how to classify your testimony on the site) but everyone should at least catagorize their testimony alphabetically. Here’s how: At the end of your testimony, type (or copy and paste) this line [[Category: Alphabetical]] including the brackets.

4) Then save your testimony and repeat!

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Post mission and wedding photos

Post mission and wedding photos

This is a series of posts about 12 Ways to Share the Gospel online.

Number 7: Post mission and wedding photos on Flickr

I found that posting pictures on Flickr was fairly simple but I’ll go through a few of the steps here to avoid as muchconfusion as possible.

Mormon Temple Marriage) Go to If you already have a Yahoo! email account or you created one so that you could do number one then you can go ahead and sign in using that. If you don’t already have an account you’ll have to create one. Don’t worry it’s relatively painless! Click the button that says ‘Create your account’, the follow the steps given in the Answer a Question at Yahoo! Answers post.

2) From your Flickr homepage you will be able to upload and and manage any or all your pictures.

3) Create albums for your mission and/or wedding pictures and make sure to label them as such using keywords such as ‘temple’, ‘mission’, ‘mormon’ etc.

**Jeff reminded me that I forgot to include the link to my pics. So here are a few of my wedding pictures.
Unfortunately, I don’t have many digital wedding photos but I’ve been hoping to round a few more up from a few family members soon.

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Link to good websites

This is a series of posts about 12 Ways to Share the Gospel online.

Number 5: Link to good websites (not just

Mormon SiteThere are many reasons that placing links in your site is very important. Linking to other sites creates a sense of community. It also helps create exposure for other good, positive LDS sites. While is of course a fantastic site, there are also many other fantastic sites that provide more specific and/or detailed information on particular gospel principles and topics for those searching for it (particularly non-members).

Here are a few websites that I like to use in my blog posts: (this is a search engine for LDS topics to help you find other good websites to link to)

What are some of the sites you like to link to?

And here is an example of a blog post I did that includes links to many different sites:

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