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Telling our stories through New Media subject of new BYU class

A new class at BYU is studying storytelling through the New Media. This class, Theater and Media Art (TMA) 315r, studies the use of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other “Web 2.0” tools for sharing our stories, including our faith as Latter-day Saints.

The students created two videos, below, to explain. This quote from student Taylor Rose summarizes it well:

Our audience isn’t just this little Provo bubble any more. We actually have the whole world as our audience. People from anywhere can see the content we are creating and we can create something people will be interested in everywhere…. We can tell who we are. We can tell our story.

We can invite them into our lives, show them how we view things, and show them how we make decisions. I think this is an excellent opportunity to show people who we really are.

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Scripture and gospel study on the Internet

Scripture and gospel study on the Internet

Here are four ways the Internet can help you study the scriptures and other gospel material more consistently and more conveniently.

  1. Bible and Book of MormonBe reminded each day to read the scriptures — Visit ReadTheScriptures.com to sign up for a daily scripture study email. You choose what you’re reading and how fast you want to go. There’s also an option for “notes” and “journal”. (This site had a few broken links when I tried it, but it’s a great concept.)
  2. Get the scriptures downloaded to your iPod by podcast — Visit ScriptureCast.net, choose the book of scripture you’re reading, and select how fast you want to read (listen) or by what date you want to finish. Each day new audio is downloaded to your iPod so you can listen to your scriptures on the go.
  3. Subscribe to the home teaching and visiting teaching messages, Ensign articles, priesthood and Relief Society lessons, and General Conference talks. Visit IfYeArePrepared.org and subscribe with iTunes (podcast) or by email.
  4. If you have a shiny new iPhone, there’s an iPhone-friendly version of the standard works at tall.mountainmighty.com and at ReadScriptures.com. Very cool.
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Religion and Social Networks

Mormon YoutubeBYU professor Phil Windley points out that the United Methodist Church has an online social network. He makes a good point that “you have to wonder how you can manage the content so that it’s consistent with the religious principles espoused by the UMC.” That’s a big question for all of us at the intersection of religion and social networks.

Collective intelligence is pretty good, but revelation is better. How do you bring them together?

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