Mormon Messages: Joyfully Living Within Our Means

Mormon Messages: Joyfully Living Within Our Means

Elder Robert D Hales mormonApostle and disciple, Elder Hales invites Mormons and friend of all faiths to seek things of eternal value, and to overcome addictive habits, desires to spend excessively, or buy things that entice us but that we don’t really need.   He recalls a time after his return from the service, after Christmas, when he and his wife entered a clothing store where they both saw a lovely dress. He offered to purchase it if she liked it, but after her try-on, Sister Hales, gently acknowledging its quality, declined the purchase, indicating that they couldn’t afford it.

Personally, downsizing to a town home, even though I sometimes miss the “great room” or extra space, has been personally liberating.  Watch, comment on,  and rate this video on YouTube.

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The Crown of Rejoicing: Sharing the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ as Mormons

I have been thinking about the 5 crowns mentioned in scripture–and particularly about the crown of rejoicing.  The Savior identifies this crown, in this New Testament verse:

19 For what is our hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing? Are not even ye in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at his acoming?

christus jesus christ mormonThe context of the chapter includes the labor of love, of shepherding, of ministering to others, of missionary and evangelistic labors.

There’s a prize to be had for those labors, but not a prize of this world.  It is the very presence of the Savior with us.  And nothing compares with that.  Nothing ever can. Nothing ever will.

Working to share His light and to be in His presence is a divine work, and a sure prize worth striving for, worth our lives and every expenditure of effort. It’s a mountain-top experience.

We have to keep the fire burning, the flame of the gospel lit in our lives.  The More Good Foundation torch is a reminder of this for each of us.

And yet, sharing the gospel is natural if we are filled with it to overflowing.  It has to spill over… Are you?  Are you gaga over what the Lord is doing in your life–His tender mercies? What can you do today to share your light, which is in Him, the Savior of the World? How about posting your thoughts about His guidance on your Facebook page or something you read that moved you in The Book of Mormon, that might help someone you know, in an e-card or text message.  Is there someone with whom you ‘hang out’ who is need of hope or promises, strength to overcome?  If you know someone, can you refer them to the Church’s sites or ours? Can you talk to them about your joy in the gospel?  I challenge you today to make a new effort, one, and to share those with us.

Sometimes we think we need  to know more or be more before we can be effective as Mormon member missionaries, followers of Jesus Christ. But we know enough, as Elder Ballard indicated, our testimonies are what we need, and those we can share.

What will you do in the next twelve hours to this end?  Please share your experiences with us.

“But this I say, brethren, the time is short … for the form of this world is passing away” (1 Corinthians 7:29, 31).

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eleesha Mormon

Eleesha of

Well, welcome Eleesha, to your newly adopted website, Eleesha is currently living in the Washington DC area, working by day and schooling at Georgetown by night. She has recently contacted The More Good Foundation, and has adopted an unofficial LDS website through our Site-Adopt initiative, which enables members to post about their lives authentically, so that “the best missionary tracts ever” (to quote the late and beloved Mormon prophet, President Hinckley)–the lives of faithful saints–reach the broadest audience.

For more information on ways to engage the Mormon discussion online, volunteer your design or translation skils, upload talks, or otherwise particpate, please contact us or respond to this post.

To adopt an unofficial LDS website, please visit siteadopt dot org, Adoption Application.

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New Media and Sharing the Gospel Online: A New Video on Healing from Depression

New Media and Sharing the Gospel Online: A New Video on Healing from Depression

jesus christ mormonSeth Adam Smith, an online member missionary, has prepared this new video, Healing from Depression through Jesus Christ– based on the story of the woman who touched the Savior’s garment in the New Testament account.

Sister Wrigley, who has treated many individuals with depression, shares her thoughts and testimony about how healing is possible through faith and study, through directly accessing the promises of the Lord through His atonement. A beautiful rendering of a sacred set of truths.

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Newly Baptized “Mormon” in Colombia: Finding & Gathering the Elect Online

Newly Baptized “Mormon” in Colombia: Finding & Gathering the Elect Online

Mormon Baptism

Fabiola Sikes, manager of the More Good Foundation Spanish websites and ning community, under Giuseppe Martinengo’s direction, recently shared the story of this new Mormon convert in Colombia!

In his initial comment on one of our More Good Foundation sites,, our new friend told us that he thought that the missionaries were “med students” because of the way they dress.  He wanted to know if the doors to our chapels were open to everybody.  I invited him to attend and I gave this golden referral to the MTC:  The missionaries taught him and now he´s a changed man. I´m very happy to share it with you. (Fabiola)

His testimony in Spanish follows this English translation:

My Mormon testimony.  I started by wondering who the Mormons were and what duties they have.  I wanted to have contact with them. I visited the site for the first time and contacted Mrs. Fabiola.  She sent the missionaries to the Esmeralda area.  They in turn sent the ones that go to a meeting house in Barranquilla where I live.  They visited me until I decided to join the Church.  I felt such peace and joy.  They don´t smoke or drink or use drugs and don’t drink caffeine.  I saw how they rejoiced with one another and are united in their families.  I used to be like Joseph Smith; I was confused and didn’t know which religion was true.  I didn’t think about it twice; I´m attending the Church each Sunday and attending a class.  In fact, as a coincidence, my name is Joseph just like the prophet.  For me this is a great honor.  I testify that the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price and the prophet Joseph Smith are true.  In fact, I got baptized on February 15th at 5 pm. and on February 28 I turned 28 years old.  I want to travel to other cities in Colombia first and then go to other countries to share my testimony and teach other brothers and families the change I had and how this religion changed my life and my soul forever.

Mi testimonio mormón es quienes eran los mormones cuales son sus deberes ,y tener contacto con ellos la primera vez entre a la pagina , de www.laiglesiamormona y me contacte con la Sra. Fabiola ella a su vez me contacto con unos Élderes del barrio de la esmeralda y luego ellos me contactaron con otros que ivan a una iglesia de la avenida murillo un barrio de barranquilla pues yo vivo en murillo estos estan en la ciudad de Barranquilla colombia,yo vivo en Barranquilla es una ciudad ubicada en colombia  por lo siguiente ellos me visitaban hasta que yo decidi ir a la iglesia , senti una paz y un gozo no fuman no toman licor, no usan drogas y no toman cafeina entoce vi que ellos se regosijaban y son unidos como una familia , yo era anteriormente como jose smith estaba confundido no sabia a que religión era la verdadera  yo no pense ni una ni dos veces estoy asistiendo a la iglesia todos los domingos y asistiendo a clase de echo que hay una casualida mi primer nombre es Jose aligual que el profeta y para mi es un gran honor pues yo testifico que el libro mormon ,doctrina y convenio, la perla del gran precio y el profeta jose smith son verdadero y doy fe lo atestiguo y que la IGLESIA DE JESUCRISTO DE LOS SANTOS DE LOS ÚLTIMOS DÍAS es la iglesia verdadera de hecho me bautise el 13 de febrero de 2010 a las 5 de la tarde y el 28 de febrero de 2010 cumpli 28 años quiero viajar primero en toda las ciudades de mi pais colombia y luego irme a otros paises para enseñar mi testimonio y enseñar a otros hermanos y familiares de otras personas el cambio que yo tube y que esta religión me cambio mi vida y mi alma por el resto de mi vida.

For more information on how you can become engaged in the online work as “lay members” of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), please contact us at, or respond to this post.

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Internet Surpasses Radio and Newspapers for News Content: Implications for Mormons Online

Internet Surpasses Radio and Newspapers for News Content: Implications for Mormons Online

Technology MormonIn a recent telephone poll of over 2500 adults, the Pew Forum indicates that the new social media platforms have once again re-shaped our conversations about what’s hot in the news: The Internet is now the third-highest platform for receiving news coverage by the majority of adults involved in the study.  It now ranks over local and national TV and radio news programs. This is significant as a sociological trend in general, but also significant to us as Mormons specifically, in light of our desire to be, as Elder Ballard suggested, more “influencers” of our culture than “influenced by” it.  If this is where the people are going for information and news about us, this is where we need to be pro-actively creating content, and responding to news stories’ about us in civil and thoughtful, deliberate ways.

While TV and radio provide one-way coverage of the news to millions of people, the Internet offers a chance to respond to, noodle with, evaluate nuances of, and therefore, shape the content of TV or radio.  As indicated in the Pew Study:

The rise of the internet as a news platform has been an integral part of these changes. This report discusses two significant technological trends that have influences news consumption behavior: First, the advent of social media like social networking sites and blogs has helped the news become a social experience in fresh ways for consumers. People use their social networks and social networking technology to filter, assess, and react to news. Second, the ascent of mobile connectivity via smart phones has turned news gathering and news awareness into an anytime, anywhere affair for a segment of avid news watchers.

There’s now a much more participatory consumer of the media–and that is us.  We collaborate, we create and co-create conversations about ourselves, our faith, our nation, our politics, that can influence one, or thousands. The addition of the mobile phone and technologies have made the online news platform even that much more ‘handy.’

As the Pew reviewers stated aptly,  “In this new multi-platform media environment, people’s relationship to news is becoming portable, personalized, and participatory.”  Stats so indicating follow:

  • Portable: 33% of cell phone owners now access news on their cell phones.
  • Personalized: 28% of internet users have customized their home page to include news from sources and on topics that particularly interest them.
  • Participatory: 37% of internet users have contributed to the creation of news, commented about it, or disseminated it via postings on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. (Stats from Pew Study)

It’s also interesting that the majority of online news consumers have a preferred few (2-5) websites that they regularly visit for updates. 21% visit only one news site for the same.

Helping Mormons Engage

So what can Mormons do who want to influence the public perceptions, conversations, and media-talk news about us online?

  • Bookmark your local and national online news media outlets.  Search Religion Content, and comment on those articles about us in positive ways.
  • Send us links to stories of the news in your area, or stories you find online about Mormons serving worldwide or any newsworthy event,  so we can respond, and respond yourself to misinformation, and affirm positive sites. Share links with your friends.
  • Let us know when you or someone you know makes the news–new mission call, Mormon concert pianist performs in China, etc. or of something you think noteworthy enough to put on our sites as content. All content is news about us in another sense.
  • Check the LDS Newsroom and The Deseret News for the Church’s position on key news issues before responding to articles on sensitive issues, and link to their content.
  • Get the feed to this blog so we can keep you updated on ways to contribute to the conversation.
  • Join the MGF Facebook Group for additional updates as well.
  • Create your own news blog, or adopt-a-site from The More Good Foundation, where you can comment on the news.
  • Place links to positive news stories on Facebook and tweet about them.

To learn more about More Good Foundation, please visit our homepage at

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Elder Oaks, Mormon Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ, Speaks to Harvard Audience

Elder Oaks, Mormon Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ, Speaks to Harvard Audience

In an annual “Mormonism 101″ venue at Harvard, Elder Dallin Oaks, living apostle, spoke to a diverse audience of attending students and faculty about the unduly diminished willingness of higher-ed institutions to provide religious instruction or to teach any type of morality. In his words,

Elder Dallin H Oaks MormonWith but few exceptions, colleges and universities have become value-free places where attitudes toward religion are neutral at best. Some faculty and administrators are powerful contributors to the forces that are driving religion to the margins of American society. Students and other religious people who believe in the living reality of God and moral absolutes are being marginalized.

My own graduate experience certainly bears this out, and I’ve also, perhaps like many of you, felt pained that with so many universities drenched in the dogmas of secularism, it’s the seeking students, and as Elder Oaks said, “society” who suffer from the drought. In this vein, the Lord’s apostle remarked, The academy can pretend to neutrality on questions of right and wrong, but society cannot survive on such neutrality.”

The Mormon apostle, Dallin H. Oaks, spoke of three basic tenets of the Mormon faith–including the nature of God, the purpose of mortality, and the three-fold sources of truth. He spoke of pre-mortality and the need for a Savior, Mormons’ belief in a supreme “Lawgiver,” our Father in Heaven, and addressed the belief in moral absolutes as well as the doctrine of personal revelation.

Prior to elucidating this tenets, Elder Oaks  addressed common misperceptions about Mormons, from surprising to stunning, that include the fact that only “14% of those familiar with Mormons can actually state their main claim, i.e., that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been restored to the earth.  Many think we are secretive, not knowing what we hold sacred and why.

Following the apostle’s remarks (Church Newsroom) on the three above-mentioned tenets and his witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Elder Oaks responded to questions.

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